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To encourage innovation and allow young talent to experience first-hand the possibilities of solar energy, we are proud to once again sponsor the Innoptus Solar Car. The Innoptus Solar Team is a team, of 33 engineering students at KU Leuven, that has been building solar cars since 2004. Every two years a new car is built to participate in the biennial Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, 3021km across the Australian Outback. After the race in Australia, the car is thoroughly evaluated and improvements are added to the solar car and they enter a new international race. Last edition in Australia they became world champions and last year they also broke a world record, driving a solar car for 1051km in 12 hours.

Solar cells are constantly developing and becoming more and more efficient, as the solar car proves. Belinus wants to support the team to get the most out of solar cells because these cells may also be used in our solar panels in the future. This will allow the team to conduct two years of research and thoroughly test new technology. 

By the way, the Innoptus Solar Team stands for much more than building and driving a solar car, in fact, they have four pillars. The most important pillar is promoting renewable energy. With the solar car, they want to show everyone what the possibilities are with green energy. Belinus believes in a future where fossil fuels can be completely replaced by renewable energy in which solar energy will be the most important. 

The second pillar focuses on the promotion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), getting young people excited about science and technology. For example, every year they organize a Solar Olympiad in which high school students compete against each other and make a small solar car or gadget powered by solar energy. In order to bring the production of solar panels back to Europe, there is a need for local young talent and new knowledge. Belinus therefore welcomes such initiatives.

Third, the Solar Team focuses on entrepreneurship. They always strive to facilitate new connections between their partners. 

And finally, in a top international competition, they promote what is possible with advanced top technology from Belgium. Belgium is only a small country in terms of surface area, but it is a very important player worldwide in the field of technology and science. By opening an assembly plant in Belgium, Belinus wants to be part of an ecosystem in which collaboration with local knowledge centers will ensure that Belgium can be a forerunner in the renewable energy sector.

With the Innoptus Solar Team, Belinus has found a strong ally to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. It is inspiring to see a team of students giving their best and pushing the limits of the power of solar energy. Belinus wishes them the best of luck. On to the next world championship!