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Nox series

Only the darkest cells are used.


Move beyond the traditional blue cells, white backsheets, and silver frames of solar panels. Go for renewable energy without sacrificing style. Our panels are designed with a sleek black frame, black spacings for a uniform black look, and a matte finish. But it's the cells that truly define a solar panel's aesthetic. Choose panels that not only perform efficiently but also complement the modern, stylish appearance of your space.

Every solar cell is unique, and the cell color will vary between dark blue and black. The cell's technology and its added coating play a crucial role in defining its color. At Belinus, we prioritize an ultra-black cell selection during production, ensuring only the darkest cells are used in our panels. This commitment allows us to provide you with consistently extra-black solar panels that exude sophistication.

Reduce your carbon footprint, but do it with elegance. Opt for ultra-black solar panels that not only offer efficiency but also seamlessly integrate into your aesthetic.

If you really want to go for a minimalistic design, then you will love our NOX series where the grey connector lines at the front are put to the back for an even more homogeneous black appearance.