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High-efficiency solar panels with a 35-year warranty

Designed and developed in Belgium


35 years warranty


Which solar panel suits your project?

LXP4567 Belinus_FLX40 -2023-11-22- Rangeoverview-panelen_Nova54_72ppi

NOVA series

Efficient under the toughest conditions

LXP4567 Belinus_FLX40 -2023-11-22- Rangeoverview-panelen_Nox66_72ppi

NOX series

Who said solar panels can't be beautiful?

LXP4567 Belinus_FLX40 -2023-11-22- Rangeoverview-panelen_Helios_72ppi

HELIOS series

The perfect blend of performance, design and price

Belgian brand with roots in quality inspection

Based on a former coal mining site in Genk (Belgium), Belinus is headquartered in an inspirational setting that reminds us every day of the importance of the transition to renewable energy. Grown from a service company for the development and quality inspection of solar panels, we know what makes a good solar panel.

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Become a Belinus partner

High-quality products deserve high-quality service. The partners we work with have been selected for their proven experience, craftsmanship and service level. Are you an installer and do you share our vision of quality, reliability and customer focus? Let’s connect!

Proud sponsor of the Innoptus Solar Team!

Every two years, a team of engineering students of the university of Leuven craft a solar car for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. Last October, they won this race for the second edition in a row. Solely powered by solar energy, their solar car shows the world the possibilities of solar energy. And we are more than happy to support this initiative!



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