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Belinus' solar panels are equipped with components that meet the highest European standards for quality and safety.


Belinus solar panels have an exceptionally long lifespan so you get the most out of them and can relax for years to come.

By choosing qualitative products today, you can save yourself time, effort and money in the future. Such a longevity is only possible with a good, robust product. And that is why our panels are designed and engineered using only parts that meet the highest European requirements for quality and safety. Parts on which savings can be made easily and that are not always visible but we deliberately decide not to.

Designing is one thing, producing another. As a former quality inspection firm, we know the drill and pitfalls. We have an external auditing firm continuously performing extra quality checks, on top of the ones that are done by default by the factory.


Strict quality control guarantees a reliable product.

Before, during and after the production of the components, all Belinus cells and solar modules undergo a very thorough and strict quality control and monitoring process. This inspection is also done before the products are transported and delivered to our customers.

Clear requirements

Agreements about the technical conditions and quality requirements of parts and components are made beforehand with suppliers of these parts.

Production audits

During the production of the modules, the factories and production lines are regularly (unexpectedly) visited and checked through professional independent audits.

Routine inspections

To guarantee the quality of our solar modules, regular checks are made on the materials used and the designs of the modules.

Pre-shipment product inspection

The finished products are inspected before shipment by taking a sample from the batch. The products are inspected visually, but inspection also takes place via EL-imaging, I-V measurement and a BOM (Bill of Materials) check.

Container packing and supervision

Specific packing lists are prepared for each container and container loading is monitored.

Surprise inspections

Unscheduled, unexpected checks are carried out on orders and containers ready for shipment.

What are Bloomberg Tier-1 solar panels?

Bloomberg, the provider of financial and investment analysis, has developed a classification system (Tier system) in which solar panels are divided into three levels: Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3. This system is based on an analysis of the reliability of solar projects. Tier-1 solar panels are therefore considered to be a safe option for investments.
According to Bloomberg, these are the criteria Tier-1 solar panel manufacturers must meet:
Complete in-house manufacturing process

The manufacturers carry out the entire manufacturing process themselves, from the initial stage of silicon wafer production to the assembly of the solar modules, allowing full quality control. Manufacturers using external components do not qualify for the Tier 1 list.

Investment in research and development

Manufacturers invest in solar panel research and development, including the entire manufacturing process, to enable new and further product developments.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology

The manufacturers use innovative technology to automate production, ensuring continuous high quality of the finished products.

Over five years of manufacturing experience

The manufacturers have more than five years of manufacturing experience, guaranteeing expertise and competence in solar panel production.


What is the link between Belinus and Bloomberg Tier-1?

Although Belinus is not on Bloomberg's Tier-1 list, the factories producing Belinus' solar cells and modules are on the Tier-1 list. This ensures the durability of our 35-year all-in-one warranty and the quality of our modules.