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NOX series

Don't like the usual light grey lines on solar panels? We understand. Embrace renewable energy with our NOX solar panels. Their minimalist design seamlessly integrates with your home, standing out without the typical light grey lines.
The IBC technology enhances longevity and beauty with its sleek, black design. By removing front contacts, our panels are built to last and ensure peak performance for longer.
The NOX series is more than just a solar panel; it's a brand new design that nicely complements your roof while you make the step towards a greener future.

Belinus specifically makes use of the Zebra IBC cells developed by ISC (International Solar Energy Research Center) Konstanz, a German R&D center specialized in advancing solar cells and modules. This type of IBC cells are known for their high ability to use reflected light at the rear side and low dropout during production as the process is one of the most mature ones.



NOX solar panel

NOX 60

400 Wp

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