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The Belinus all-in-one warranty

35 years warranty



Our quality control

Sit back and enjoy free solar energy for many years to come. Belinus solar panels offer a higher guaranteed minimum performance than the market average and, on top of that, have one of the most comprehensive warranties that covers both product, performance and service for 35 years.

In the unlikely event of a defect or underperformance of your Belinus solar panel, we will make sure to offer the best solution according to our official limited warranty conditions and thanks to our service warranty, Belinus will even settle the labour cost needed to replace your faulty panel with your installer.


Example of the performance loss over time of the NOVA 54
Belinus Energiewall batteries are covered by a 12-year product warranty and the warranty on Glass-Foil solar panels is 30 years.


It all starts with a reliable product


Every part of our panels is designed with utmost care to achieve maximum lifespan. Moreover, the solar panels are thoroughly tested for lasting reliability and the components are subjected to a strict quality control with several steps.