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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question or would like to know something? Then find it below first!

Customer Inquiries

What products does Belinus have?

Belinus offers a range of black solar panels, each with their advantages.

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What is included in the all-in-one warranty?

Our all-in-one warranty coverage, which is on up to 35 years* warranty on:

  • Product
  • Performance
  • Service

One of the most comprehensive warranties in the entire solar industry!

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*On glass-glass solar panels the warranty is up to 35 years, for glass-foil it is 30 years.

Where can I buy Belinus solar panels?

As a private individual, you can buy Belinus solar panels from one of our dealers near you.

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Where are the Belinus solar panels produced?

Belinus-produced solar cells and solar panels are designed in Belgium and manufactured in Bloomberg Tier-1 plants.

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What is IBC?

IBC solar cell technology, or Interdigitated Back Contact, is a technology used in making rear contact solar cells. With IBC cells, all the crucial electrical contacts are strategically positioned at the rear side of the cell. This unique design creates a sleek, unblemished black front surface, devoid of grid lines. This absence of contacts on the front additionally maximizes the surface area available to directly absorb sunlight increasing substantially the global panel efficiency and creating an outstanding look on your roof.

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What is HJT?

HJT stands for heterojunction solar cells. HJT cells are a combination of the best qualities of crystalline silicon and amorphous thin silicon film. They offer a very high efficiency, keep a great performance level over time and perform well in real life situations, for example when it’s cloudy or when it gets warm outside. Thanks to the flexibility of the cells they are also more resistant to micro-cracks.

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What is ultra black?

Belinus solar panels have black frames, black spacings and a matte finish and on top of that, ultra black cells. Every solar cell is unique, and the cell color will vary between dark blue and black. Belinus applies an ultra black cell sorting during production to make sure that only the darkest ones are used for our solar panels.

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What is glass-glass?

In glass-glass solar panels, the cells are also protected on the back with a glass plate instead of a foil, as is the case with classic glass-foil solar panels.

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