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LXP4567_Belinus_FLX40_3D productshots online use_Front-Back_BE-M7-UB-GG-410_GL_1080 x 1080px
LXP4567_Belinus_FLX40_3D productshots online use_Zoomed_BE-M7-UB-GG-410_GL_1080 x 1080px
LXP4567 Belinus-FLX40 - 2023-11-07-Datasheets-icons-Bifacial module

Bifacial module

Bifacial solar modules generate electricity from sunlight on both their front and rear sides. By capturing reflected light and utilizing surfaces such as snow or surrounding structures, they increase overall energy yield. This dual-sided efficiency enhances the performance and versatility of solar installations in various environments.

LXP4567 Belinus-FLX40 - 2023-11-07-Datasheets-icons-Ultra black

Ultra black

Go for renewable energy but don’t compromise on style. The black cells, black frame, black spacings and matt finish make this panel a true aesthetic enhancement for your roof. Belinus developed quality standards to make sure that only the darkest cells are selected for the most beautiful solar panels.
LXP4567 Belinus-FLX40 - 2023-11-07-Datasheets-icons-Glass-Glass


With a glass layer on the rear side, Belinus panels achieve a full symmetrical structure for an extremely high mechanical resilience to hail, snow, and storms. The glass allows superior long-term resistance to water ingress, contributing to an extended lifespan for the panels.

LXP4567 Belinus-FLX40 - 2023-11-07-Datasheets-icons-Belgian quality

Belgian quality

Designed and engineered in the heart of Europe using only parts that meet the highest European requirements for quality and safety. Manufactured with continuous extra quality inspections by an external auditing firm.

Technical data

Model HYPERION | 410 Wp
Power classes 400-410 Wp
Module dimensions 1722 x 1134 x 30 mm (±1.5 mm)
Weight 23 kg
Warranty 35 years on product, power and service



Suitable for installation on

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