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Aligning with a trusted solar provider, such as Belinus, ensures access to high-quality products and support, fostering business growth and customer satisfaction.

With 35-years of warranty on both product, performance and service, and our relentless attention to quality, you can rest assured that Belinus solar panels are a safe and smart choice. You will be able to provide your clients with high-efficient and qualitative solar panels that make a real difference in their energy consumption and environmental impact.


Premium solar panels deserve premium service

Since there are many things that could go wrong during transportation or installation of solar panels, we introduced the ‘Belinus certified installer’ label. Belinus certified installers are experienced solar professionals with expertise in our products. They are trained on product knowledge and how to properly install Belinus solar panels, backboned by Belinus’ technical and commercial support.


Do you want to become a Belinus partner-wholesaler or certified installer? Let us know and we will reach out to talk over a cup of coffee.

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Belinus partner program benefits

One of the most significant advantages of partnering with becoming a Belinus partner is our commitment to providing long lasting solar panels with a 35-year warranty on both product, performance and service. This lengthy warranty period demonstrates our confidence in the quality and longevity of our solar panels, ensuring partners and customers receive a reliable and lasting product. And as a Belinus certified installer you will be able to enjoy better conditions for the service warranty and get priority in case of a warranty claim!


Training and VIP technical and commercial support are crucial for businesses working with complex solar energy systems. As a Belinus partner, you will have access to comprehensive training programs and technical assistance to help you and your team understand the ins and outs of our products. This support ensures that you can provide professional installation and maintenance services to your clients, further enhancing your business's reputation in the solar industry.


Joining the Belinus partner program also means access to the latest solar panels. Belinus' solar panels are designed with cutting-edge technologies to ensure high performance and durability.. As a partner, you will be able to provide your clients with the newest high-efficient and qualitative solar panels that make a real difference in their energy consumption and environmental impact.


Discover our NOX series with IBC technology for a truly black and minimalistic design or our NOVA series with HJT cell technology for the best performance in challenging, real-life circumstances.


Marketing support is another significant advantage of partnering with us. We provide partners with the necessary tools and resources to promote our products effectively. This includes access to promotional materials, merchandise, product media kits, marketing guidelines, and a dedicated budget to help you grow your business and reach new customers. Belinus partners benefit from a partner portal, which offers an array of resources such as technical documents, product specifications, and sales tools. This dedicated platform keeps you informed and connected, allowing you to access the information you need quickly and efficiently.


Lastly, we want to grow your business together by offering incentives and bonuses. Your success is our success.


Steps to join the Belinus partner program


Explore our website and discover how the Belinus solar panels can be of added value to you and your customers. Belinus doesn’t offer just solar panels, there is a real differentiation. Think of our 35-year warranty on product, performance and service, the combination of our ultra black glass-glass panels with the most efficient cell technologies and our quality thanks to meticulous controls and the usage of components like the Stäubli MC4-Evo2 connectors. 


Get in touch with us


Convinced about our products and the benefits of the Belinus partner program as described above? We can’t wait to meet you. Fill in the form or give us a call at +32 89 27 19 99 during office hours.


Complete the required documentation and agreements


After discussing the partnership with us, ensure you complete all required documentation and agreements to formalise your collaboration. This may include signing contracts, providing business information, and fulfilling other legal requirements. Once all necessary steps are completed, you will officially become a Belinus partner and can begin enjoying the benefits of this partnership.