Test Lab & Quality

Strict quality control guarantees a reliable product

All Belinus cells and solar modules undergo a very thorough and strict quality control and monitoring process. Before, during and after the production of the components, but also before the products are transported and delivered to our customers.

Agreements are made beforehand with suppliers of parts and components about the technical conditions and quality requirements of these parts.

During the production of the modules, the factories and production lines are regularly (unexpectedly) visited and checked through professional independent audits.

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To guarantee the quality of our solar modules, regular checks are made on the materials used and the designs of the modules. In this way, our products remain IEC and/or UL certified.

  • The production of orders is monitored 24/7. The finished products are inspected before shipment by taking a sample from the batch. The products are inspected visually, but inspection also takes place via EL-imaging, I-V measurement and a BOM (Bill of Materials) check.
  • Specified packing lists are prepared for each container and loading of the containers is supervised.
  • Unplanned, unexpected checks are carried out on orders and containers ready for dispatch.
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Belinus specialises in the research, development and production of innovative ultra-efficient ultra-black solar double glazing, home battery and BIPV solutions.