35-year warranty

The Belinus all-in-one guarantee

Or better known as the most comprehensive warranty in the entire solar industry

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Solar panels

An all-in-one guarantee starts with a reliable product

Every component of our panels is designed with the greatest care to achieve maximumlifespan. In addition, the solar panels are thoroughly tested for long-term reliability and the components are subjected to a strict quality control process with several steps. That is why we dare to give you an all-in-one guarantee of 35 years*.

Our quality control

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Pre-production quality control

Even before the production process starts, strict checks are carried out. We make clear agreements with our suppliers about all technical, quality and inspection conditions such as standards, reliability tests, characteristics, QAP or the supplier's quality guarantee provision and parameters for approval or rejection.


All our orders are carefully prepared by a team of expert engineers. They check the factory locations, workshops and production lines specific to the order against a checklist of more than 1,000 points.

We also carry out factory acceptance tests. These are specifically designed to check the optimal functioning of the storage systems and whether they meet the minimum requirements.

The raw materials and components used in our production process do not escape inspection either. We verify that they fully comply with the BOM (Bill Of Materials) and with the materials and components in the CDF (Constructional Data Form). Only in this way, we can confirm that the IEC or UL certification of our products is accurate and valid.


All these findings are compiled into a report. Our quality is regularly checked by independent test institutes such as TUV SUD in Germany or IMEC in Belgium. This is how we guarantee that Belinus modules comply with the highest requirements and can withstand the toughest conditions.

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An overview of the Belinus all-in-one guarantee in comparison to conventional solar guarantees

Belinus all-in-one warranty


Conventional solar panel guarantees  

Belinus covers 100% of repair or replacement costs, whereas conventional guarantees do not cover these costs. In addition, we guarantee that our solar modules will not lose more than 10% of their original direct current power for 25 years.
Note: for Belinus Energiewall batteries, there is a 12-year product guarantee.

*The guarantee for glass-glass solar modules is 35 years, for GlasFoil it is 30 years.

Home batteries

The all-in-one guarantee also applies to the Belinus Energiewall

A better warranty starts with a better product. Our Energiewall home battery is therefore made according to European quality standards. As a result, the system is adapted to the Belgian energy network.

The Belinus all-in-one warranty is the only home battery warranty with a comprehensive 12-year coverage for the delivery of new and old parts as well as for installation costs. This guarantee plan will save you 12 years of additional costs. In addition, we guarantee a discharge depth of 90%.

Belinus specialises in the research, development and production of innovative ultra-efficient ultra-black solar double glazing, home battery and BIPV solutions.