Glass-glass Technology

What is glass-glass technology?

In glass-glass solar panels, the cells are also protected on the back with a glass plate instead of a foil, as is the case with classic glass-film solar panels.

Glass-glass panels are not as cheap as the classic glass-film panels and also weigh up to 6 kg more, quickly reaching 24 kg, while a glass-film panel weighs 18 kg on average.

The panels with glass-glass technology are not necessarily better than glass-film panels, but the glass-glass panels do have some major advantages:

  • They are more resistant to weathering
  • They are more solid than foil panels
  • There is less chance of microcracks in the cells

A high-quality glass-glass panel therefore has a greater durability and lifespan and will also have a higher yield in the long run.

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Advantages of glass-glass solar panels

Longer life span

Glass solar panels have the longest lifespan of any type of solar panel on the market. High-quality panels can last 40 to 50 years, making them especially durable and reliable.

Lower relegation

Like every solar panel, a glass-glass solar panel loses power every year. However, the degradation of glass panels is lower than that of glass-film panels. Even after 30 years, the panels still have 87% of their original peak power.

Higher yield

Due to the longer lifespan and lower degradation of the panels, they provide a higher yield of green electricity. This is up to 25% more than with glass-film panels!

Better protection

The double layer of glass gives the panels better protection against weather conditions and other environmental factors, such as temperature differences and humidity. The panels also flex less, which reduces mechanical stress.

Aesthetic appearance

Glass-glass panels have no frame and are therefore a sleek and aesthetic type of solar panel.

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