Home batteries

Energy management system developed in Belgium

Tailor-made for Belgium. Measures, monitors and manages the system in real-time. Optimises system lifetime thanks to intelligent algorithms.

Proudly produced in Belgium

Meets stringent European quality control requirements for 10,000 cycles over 12 years. Certificates: VDE AR 4105, TOR Erzeuger, UN 38.3 / IEC 62281, IEC 61000-6-1, IEC 61000-6-3, IEC 62109-1, IEC 62109-2, IEC 62040-1, IEC 60730-1, VDE AR 2510-2, IEC 62619, VDE AR 2510-50, IEC 60529.

Belinus All-in-one Warranty

The Belinus All-in-one Warranty is the only energy storage battery warranty with 12 years of comprehensive coverage for new and old parts and installation costs.

This advanced warranty plan saves you 12 years (10,000 cycles) of additional costs on your purchases.

Broadly applicable

Compatible with SMA, Goodwe, Solis, Growatt, Victron, Voltronic, Studer single-phase hybrid inverters.

Grants & subsidies for home batteries

The Flemish government gives you a premium for the purchase of a home battery. This is a nice bonus and makes the investment a little lighter. You get € 225/kWh up to 4 kWh, € 187.5/kWh up to 6 kWh and € 150/kWh up to 9 kWh. From 9 kWh, you get no additional premium. 


0 to 4 kWh225 €/kWh150 euro/kWh75 euro/kWh0 euro/kWh
4 to 6 kWh187.5 euro/kWh125 euro/kWh62.5 euro/kWh0 euro/kWh
6 to 9 kWh150 euro/kWhno additional amountno additional amount0 euro/kWh
from 9 kWhno additional amountno additional amountno additional amount0 euro/kWh
maximum per battery1725 euro, max 40% invoice incl. VAT 850 euro, max 40% invoice incl. VAT 425 euro, max 40% invoice incl. VAT 0 euro


So in 2022 you are entitled to a premium of maximum € 1725 per battery, or maximum 40% of the invoice amount including VAT.

Please note that the application must be made within three months of the last invoice date. The battery must also be installed by an electrician before the end of the year and connected to the electricity distribution network in Flanders.

The premium is only available for individuals. It is important that they switch to a digital meter. One condition is that it must be environmentally friendly batteries. It is also necessary to have a production system such as solar panels, micro-CHP or a wind turbine.

But beware, because the premium decreases every year and ends on 31 December 2024. So the sooner you decide to install a home battery, the more benefits you will reap.

Belinus specialises in the research, development and production of innovative ultra-efficient ultra-black solar double glazing, home battery and BIPV solutions.