Our products

Latest generation of solar panels

Belinus glass-glass solar panels are the latest generation of solar panels on the market. They have a higher yield and a longer life span than other glass-glass panels.

Resistant to extreme weather conditions, such as hail storms

Up to 25% higher yield

Certified for fire safety

Almost zero chance of microcracks

Extra-long service life

35-year warranty on the product and performance

Eco-friendly factory

All our products are manufactured with raw materials from high quality sources and factories and are developed in-house. Our factories are much closer to the end users, need less transportation, which lowers the impact on the environment a lot!

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Bloomberg Tier-1 production

Our solar panels are produced in factories that are on the Bloomberg TIER-1 list. This guarantees the durability and quality of our products and also allows us to provide our customers with the 35-year all-in-one guarantee without any problems.

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Belinus specialises in the research, development and production of innovative ultra-efficient ultra-black solar double glazing, home battery and BIPV solutions.