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High-efficiency solar panels with a 35-year warranty

Our strategy

Belinus is heavily committed to research and development of high-quality products that allow our customers to benefit from the highest ease of use and enable them to realize their projects with the lowest Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).

We are constantly trying to improve the performance, reliability and power of our solar panels. We are located at the Thor Park in Genk, Belgium, together with other companies and research institutions such as EnergyVille that want to accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy system.

Our future

Currently, Belinus already has access to more than 3.5GW of production capacity. In the short term, we will be scaling up tremendously and expanding with a production site in Belgium.

The established plan, mission, strategic vision and ambitions of our team here at Belinus make us optimistic about achieving our goals. The careful monitoring of performance and the flexibility of adjusting goals in changing times will allow us to maintain our strong position in the field of integrated photovoltaic systems.

Agoria Solar Team

Together we are going to break records.

Belinus sponsors the Innoptus Solar Team.

At Belinus, we sponsor the Innoptus Solar Team and we are proud of it!

You may know them for their futuristic solar cars that they race around the world. What once began as a dream is 17 years later a great success. Nine solar cars and many passionate engineering students later, they are making history. And we are happy to contribute to that.

Our blogs

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Belinus develops and sells solar panels and home batteries that are among the most efficient thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. Our products are made and tested with the utmost care.